Psychedelic Art Print 'Multi-directional'

Brighten up your space with this colorful psychedelic art print of 'Multi-directional'.

Printed using the finest quality papers and archival inks. It will ship to you flat with a backing and protective sleeve to ensure it’s safe arrival.

So much to see and discover in this detailed fine art reproduction by surreal visionary mixed media artist C.Cambrea. This is one of the early works. Back when she lived in tiny NYC apartments or was traveling the world with rock bands she created these obsessive psychedelic pieces that would take weeks and weeks to complete. You'd find her sitting in a corner at some crazy after hours party. Backstage at some club in Belgium, or in a bunk on the tour bus. In her happy little world drawing away. The stories and energies of these adventures are embedded in each of these early pieces. Some of the early works travelled the world with her while she worked on them. This piece was completed in Venice, California and is part of the artist private collection. All works before 2004 belong to the artist personal collection. The originals are not for sale but you can enjoy the work on a number of other products.

-Sincerely Joy ?

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