The Beyond Series at Castle of Joy

The Beyond Series

is a collective of courses in functional orthopedic massage that deal with specific anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, one section of the body at a time. Every aspect of anatomy is connected and integrated with the whole body, so we’ll map the elegant, complex system of links that affect every move we make.

You’ll understand things you didn’t even know existed. 

The complete Beyond Series Training consist of the following 2 day seminars and can be taken in any order.
- Beyond the Knee
Beyond the Shoulder 
- Beyond the Low Back and Core 
-Beyond the Foot and Ankle



something that lies outside the scope of ordinary experience …


designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.

Vincent's dynamic teaching style combined with his innate ability to break down, simplify and teach complex concepts is what makes this training so valuable.
The tools, knowledge and skills you will acquire throughout these courses will allow you to offer your clients more and grow your practice.


What is Orthopedic Massage? 
Orthopedic massage is the use of advanced therapeutic assessments coupled with specific manipulation and movement of musculoskeletal tissue to reduce dysfunction and pain, and increase function and performance. This course gives you an edge in broadening and deepening your practice. These advanced skills take your ability to serve your clients to the next level.

Why is it increasingly necessary within your practice? 
Trauma, prolonged poor posture, repetitive motions, or any imbalance in the muscular, skeletal or nervous system can predispose your client to injuries, dysfunctions and pain patterns. They come to you for help. You need to be there.

Why you? 
These skills are in high demand as medical professionals continue to refer more and more patients to complementary healthcare providers like you. With specialized skills, the opportunity to serve your clients and increase your income is significant.

Some of what you’ll learn.

  • The Theory, application, power and limitations of orthopedic assessments.
  • The difference between diagnosing and assessing. 
  • Injury-specific massage techniques. 
  • The difference between pain patterns and injuries. 
  • The unique roles of dynamic and passive structors in the body. 
  • The healing processes of injuries and how to maximize them. 
  • The role of the autonomic nervous system and how it contributes to healing. 
  • How to identify red flags and contraindications. 
  • The art of listening. 
  • How to conduct a detailed intake and history. 
  • How to build a referral team and when to utilize them. 
  • Self-care strategies for your clients and you.
  • The mechanics, theories, myths and science behind stretching and flexibility.

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